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Perimeno-what now…!

Even though no one talks about it and our mothers acted like it was no big deal, Perimenopause is real and it’s hard.

There are over 40 fun symptoms, take your pick! Yes, those pesky hormones can be out of control but no, you’re not losing your mind and no, you are not alone.

The good news is that the times are changing and we are not only ready to talk about it, we can finally also do something to manage this difficult and confusing time with some revolutionary tech, lots of support and a little sense of humour.

Transform Your Journey





Hormones fluctuate most


Hot Flashes

Night Sweats

Irregular Periods

Mood Swings

Sleep Disturbances

Urinary Incontinence

Weight Gain

Decreased Libido

Joint Pain

Cognitive Changes




Dry Skin

Body Odor

Body Composition

Digestive Issues

Taste Sensation


Gum Problems


can start as early as 35

Harmonize your perimenopause hormones with Hormony®.

Get back in tune with you!

The tricky thing with hormones is that they fluctuate constantly. So when you get a test at the clinic it is a one-time reading and it doesn’t give you the full picture.

What you need is dynamic multiple readings over weeks to see your unique patterns. But that sounds impossible. Until now!

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Stop suffering in silence, and...

Key Features

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Dynamic Hormone Measurement


AI-Driven Insights

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At-Home Rapid Tests

Measure. Monitor. Manage. How exactly does it work?

Our team of medical experts in hormonal healthcare have created rapid at home testing strips including the world’s first and only rapid saliva test for Cortisol that are delivered to your doorstep when you subscribe.

Easy, quick and precise, you can measure your hormone levels in the privacy of your home by instantly scanning the strips with the free to download Mobile App.

Gain Expert Guidance

Discover Hormony®:

Transform Your Hormonal Health Journey

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your perimenopause hormones easily at home with the harmony app.

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your personal monthly patterns to get customised insights.

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your symptoms better with data driven solutions and the support of the Hormony community.




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There are over 1 billion women who will go through perimenopause. And each one’s experience will be her own.

But we believe that there is tremendous power in sharing stories and wisdom. When something lives in the shadows it becomes scarier.

And there are more old wives’ tales and myths about Perimenopause than symptoms so let’s bust them and lean on science and each other for support. As we age and our bodies change, it can be a complicated time not just physically but also emotionally.

Talking about our fears, our vulnerabilities, our needs and hopes with someone who understands can make this heavy journey feel lighter.

At Hormony, we're dedicated to unwrapping the “taboo” around perimenopause and building an empowering community to support many coming generations of women.

Expert Insights, Personalized Support, & Empowering Community

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